About us

Welcome to "PULCHERRIMUS GA-BO" Pug Kennel!


Our first pug came to us in 2003, BONAPART OF ZILBERN HOFF "Bonaparte" kennel «OF ZILBERN HOFF», bred by L. Serebrennikova, Ukraine. So we started our fascination with wonderful Pug breed. Together with his son, GAYAR CHAR DILOR "Gayar" bred by Lototskaya E., Ukraine, we took part in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

In 2009 we decided to purchase another dog FLASH OF JOY BERRY LADY PULCHERRIMUS "Berry", kennel «FLASH OF JOY», bred by Brylkova N., Russia. In the same year we founded the Kennel «PULCHERRIMUS GA-BO». Kennel name is composed of the Latin word «pulcherrimus», which translates as "the most beautiful" and the first two letters of the first names of our dogs - Gayar and Bonaparte.

The purpose of the Kennel is to achieve high-quality level of breeding stock, both exterior and health, promotion of Ukrainian cynology on a global level. In cultivation Top dog kennels' bloodlines of US, Canada, Malta, Norway, Chile and etc.

The slogan of the kennel, "not for quantity but for quality". We are trying  to think carefully about our breeding activities not regret  the time and effort to achieve maximum results.

Kind regards,

the owners of the kennel,

Mary and Viktoria Bitaeva.


Maria Bitaeva


Viktoria Bitaeva